Femmy Admiraal

About me
After my training as a linguist and anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam, I worked as a linguistic researcher in the DoBeS project The Documentation of the Baure Language of Bolivian Amazonia at the University of Leipzig. I obtained my PhD from the University of Amsterdam with a dissertation on the expression of spatial relations in Baure. Currently, I work as Data Station Manager Humanities at KNAW-DANS and as Chief Data Officer for CLARIAH.

My research interests include documentation of endangered languages, particularly Bolivian languages and North-Frisian, and morphosyntactic and semantic typology. I have a special interest in language preservation and the development of teaching materials for endangered languages.

Most recently, I worked on the project Measuring Effectiveness – A study on changes in minority language use and perception due to revitalisation efforts, with evidence from North Frisian . Together with my Co-PI Prof. Nils Langer of the Europa-Universität Flensburg , we received an award from the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage in their programme Sustaining Minoritized Languages in Europe to carry out this project.

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